Conditions of Hire

Conditions of Hire of Woodrising Private Swimming Pool

In hiring Woodrising Private Swimming Pool you and members of your party agree to the following terms and conditions of hire and use of Woodrising Private Swimming Pool.

We have a record of your contact details in order to take payment and contact you in relation to your booking if required.  If you would not like to be contacted at any point in the future in relation to the marketing of Woodrising Private Swimming Pool, please unsubscribe using the link provided in our emails.

Pool Complex refers to Swimming Pool, Garden Room, Changing Area and covered entrance at The Old Rectory, Woodrising, NR94PJ.

  • THE POOL IS UNSUPERVISED.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that those who use the pool can either swim adequately or are using the necessary swimming aids.
  • The maximum number of swimmers at any one time is 6.
  • The number of swimmers may be increased to 8 if two or more swimmers within that group are children under the age of 3.
  • All weak swimmers must be supervised at all times by a sufficient number of capable and responsible swimmers.
  • Swimming parties and individuals within them have responsibility for their own duty of care and must conduct themselves accordingly within the pool environment.  It is their responsibility to establish that the pool, the pool chemicals and the pool environment will not affect any medical condition they may suffer from, by doctor’s consultation if necessary.  A breakdown of the chemicals used, chemical levels and the air/water temperatures can be obtained on request.
  • The owners  of The Old Rectory, Woodrising and Woodrising Private Swimming Pool assume no liability for your safety.
  • The owners of The Old Rectory, Woodrising and Woodrising Private Swimming Pool assume no liability for loss or damage to your possessions.
  • No lone swimming.
  • No swimming or use of the pool complex under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Please park on the hard, gravelled areas at the front, side and rear of The Old Rectory, avoiding the lawns.
  • To access the pool complex, please walk around the front side of The Old Rectory along the path provided.
  • Access is only permitted to the pool and pool changing area.  Only those using the pool for a paid lesson with an instructor may use the Garden Room.
  • Swim nappies must be used as required.  These and soiled baby nappies must be taken away with you and disposed of appropriately.
  • Please use the toilet before swimming.
  • Swimming parties must be punctual, especially with departure times.
  • Hirers/users must always leave the pool complex and grounds of The Old Rectory in good order.
  • The pool complex is a shoe-free environment.  Please either remove your shoes, bring suitable indoor footwear or use the shoe covers provided.
  • Please keep all doors closed at all times to help maintain the ambient temperature and humidity within the pool complex.
  • All jewellery to be removed before entering the pool.
  • No running inside the pool complex and around the pool.
  • No horseplay. This includes, not exhaustively, not pushing people into the pool, no dive bombing, no excessive splashing, not holding individuals under the water against their wishes.
  • Swimmers must acquaint themselves with the depth and layout of the pool before diving or jumping into the water.  No bombing or pool entrance methods which cause excessive splashing is permitted.
  • No food to be consumed within the pool complex
  • No drinks to be consumed in and around the pool
  • Only cold non-alcoholic drinks to be consumed in the pool complex, if in suitably covered containers.  Babies may consume warm milk from bottles.
  • No breakables to be taken into the pool complex; for example drinking glasses, glass bottles, china.
  • No hard balls or toys permitted within the pool area. Inflatable pool toys and swim aids only.
  • Pool users must adhere to signs and notices at all times.
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises.
  • No property to be removed from the premises.

Thank you and we wish you an enjoyable swim and use of Woodrising Private Swimming Pool Complex.

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